About BudMore

Grow More with BudMore!

BudMore is an agritech company working incessantly on supporting farmers in building sustainable aquaculture industries which improves the grower profitability, productivity and consumer health through the use of cutting-edge technologies, proven scientific growing practices, data driven farming methods and finally through our innovative in-house R&D.

Our team creates customized smart systems incorporating real time monitoring devices, automatic controllers and simple, platform independent and cloud bases solutions.

Our technology blends together control and automation, and electrical discharges to build next-generation aquaculture systems! Grow More with BudMore!

Our Vision

Supporting global aquaculture industries to meet the growing demand for healthy food products.


Our Mission

Smart solutions and cutting-edge technologies that optimize production to ensure environmental health, economic profitability, and social equity


Our Core Team!!

At BudMore we bring together talented and passionate people to work towards a common cause.

Mukhil Rajeev


Nithin Samuel Oommen


Our Values!!

Our core values guides us in every actin we do, those are what we are, how we work and the practices we choose in our everyday work and life.

Promises to the environment

BudMore ensures reduced consumption of energy and raw materials and avoids polluting the environment. BudMore uses “zero” chemicals

Experience with Aquaculture

With age and learning comes experience. Though BudMore relays on smart technologies we  have worked with some amazing people from whom we have learned a great deal. We create collaborations  and inclusive culture to grow more

Customer Satisfaction

At BudMore, carefully listen to our customer needs to bring up excellent solutions and services that they deserve.

Our Team

Our team is our strength. We involve our whole crew in designing and developing every aspect of BudMore. We ensure that at BudMore, every person feels valued and appreciated for their efforts.